A Couples Life At A 3D Printed Concrete Home

A Dutch couple began calling a 3D printed concrete house their home since April 30.

The 3D printed house is in Eindhoven, Netherland.

The first five 3D printed homes are in the “Project Milestone”. This is a collaboration between Eindhoven University of Technology, the municipality, industry specialists, architects, and a number of private firms.

According to its creators, The first 3D printed concrete commercial housing project is Complex Milestone.

A Couple's Life At A 3D Printed Concrete Home- Pays A Monthly Rent Of $1,400
Bart van Overbeeke

The five homes built at different time phases. Each one consisted of new complex features than the previous one.

Critically, the housing crisis is an emerging problem in US.

3D printed house are more user friendly and eco-friendly. Because, they use less concrete than other traditional methods.

As evidenced with this new boulder-shaped house, the printer may also construct a more creative and atypical dwelling in terms of aesthetics.

“In addition to cheap dwellings, the market is increasingly demanding new housing designs,” stated Yasin Torunoglu, the municipality of Eindhoven’s housing and spatial development alderman, in a news statement.

A Couple's Life At A 3D Printed Concrete Home- Pays A Monthly Rent Of $1,400
Bart van Overbeeke

With the 3D printed house, designers are setting the tone for the future. This is a speedy realization of inexpensive dwellings with control over the design of own house.

Despite lower labor costs, 3D printed houses are yet not more economical than “conventional” dwellings. However, the goal of the project is still striving.

In addition to that, the printed home built with 24 concrete pieces. A printing plant printed the concrete pieces.

Then, concrete pieces are sent to the site and started to prepare the foundation.

Later, creators set the roof and frames.

According to the creators, these homes are very durable. The units are very strong. apart from that, these homes can last for many decades.

Vesteda, a real estate investor, currently owns the 3D printed cottage. The house will rent for private tenants for 6 months under a monthly payment of $1400.

A Couple's Life At A 3D Printed Concrete Home- Pays A Monthly Rent Of $1,400
Bart van Overbeeke

Now, two retirees are living at the house in Amsterdam.

There are two bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen in the almost 1,012-square-foot house.

The “big boulder-shaped” blends with its surroundings while demonstrating the 3D printer’s capacity to generate free-formed structures.

The curving walls and areas of the apartment are unlike those of other 3D printed residences. Aside from its unusual form, the interior of the concrete home is identical to that of a regular dwelling.

There is digital key to lock and to unlock the front door.

It has a heating system which is similar to modern houses. The living room has a open environment concept and it has large windows.

The printed house consists of all necessary parts and needs of a home.


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