A girl with down syndrome is a key model in Benefits Cosmetics

Kate is the new face in cosmetic industry. Benefit Cosmetics found an elegant girl of 20 years old named Kate Grant who has down syndrome. Despite the weakness of down syndrome, she has a very impressive personality and since her childhood her only dream is to be a model and she needs to establish her career in beauty industry. Kate has taken part in World Pageant. She has crowned as the Teen Ultimate Beauty. Due to that this beautiful girl with down syndrome has been able to appear in the national television in 2018.

Kate and whole world has found an amazing beauty with this young lady with the help of Benefits Cosmetics. So the team of Benefits Cosmetics has decided to give wings to Kate’s dream and give a chance to this down syndrome girl to achieve her life goals. With the flying time, Kate has become a part of Benefit Cosmetic’s eye-liner products. This activity by the Benefits cosmetics is a very pessimistic activity towards the world.

Kate Grant modeling / Belfast Fashionweek

To an interview Kate has mentioned that she never thought that her life would turn like this. She wanted to encourage the individuals in the society stating that being special is an amazing opportunity. Kate wanted to encourage and empower the women in the society. She has conducted many sessions regarding this issue and her mother has played a key role behind her success. So Being unique and running behind dreams are another two factors behind the Kate’s success.

Kate is known as the “Trailblazer” due to her dedication and positive attitudes towards her life. According to her mother regardless of down syndrome, Kate has a passion to empower the feeling of power and inclusion of others in the society. With each passing day in this amazing girl’s life she gathers different dreams and goals to achieve. This the key reason for the success of her life. Her biggest dream is to take part in the London Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. Apart from that she wants to participate in the fashion pageants as much as she can. Thus, Kate has the capacity to achieve these beautiful dreams.

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