A lion cub was rescued by the California’s wildlife team
Oakland Zoo

A mountain lion cub was mended by the California’s wildlife team. The animal is three-and-a-half-pound and he was found by a firefighter in Shasta County, California, during the Zogg Burn, according to the Oakland Zoo. The lion cub was firstly bought to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and then to the Oakland Zoo.

The recovery of the cub is regarded as a miracle by the zoo team. Now small animal is recovering day by day and his whiskers and paws are badly injured.

A lion cub was rescued by the California’s wildlife team
Oakland Zoo

CDFW’s senior wildlife veterinarian Dr. Deana Clifford thanked Oakland Zoo’s expertise for taking necessary and quick actions for the recovery of the cub. He mentioned that they have world class facilities to treat wild life animals.

She added that these kind of partnerships are important for the emergency situations like this. We plan to see more burn patients than we have resources to treat in our own veterinary facility due to California’s wildfires erupting on a scale we’ve never seen before.

Wildlife biologist Pete Figura said that cub was alert and feisty during the journey to the zoo. He said that he had the faith that it will be okay.

On Thursday they took the X-rays of the cub to check the lungs and broken bones. According to CNN, the cub’s x-rays revealed that he was healthy but had substantial soft tissue damage in his paws as well as pain in his eyes. Painkillers, antibiotics, and fluids are currently being administered to the cub. A syringe is also being used to feed him milk.

The burn wounds on the animal are being treated at the Oakland Zoo in collaboration with the UC Davis Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital. The team at Oakland Zoo are happy to be a part of this mission.

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