newsline-check the immunity

As the pandemic increases 85% of the US people are maintaining social distancing by staying at home. Now in the world one-third of the cities has been lock-down due to the pandemic COVID-19.

The social distancing is mainly to keep the number of infections in a flatter curve which will not be a stress to healthcare systems in the world. Millions of Americans have filed for the insurance facility for unemployment. Universities have started their remote classes where the students can continue their studies from home.

However, a new antibody test will be available for the people who have already recovered from COVID-19 to test whether they are 100% immune. A positive result of this test will confirm that the person is probably invulnerable. At the end of this test, people will be in two sectors as invulnerable and vulnerable. Invulnerable sector can start their day-to-day activities to help the economy of US

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