A stray dog found its home in a pro soccer match in Bolivia
Image credits: Jorge Mamani

Soccer is very fascinating game among its fans. There is no any age limit to be a soccer fan. Recently, we found a puppy who has stolen the hearts of soccer players and fans. We had seen many incidents where soccer fans ran into the stadium. We can see many outbursts during the matches but the final decisions are always with the professionals. But this time it is a dog.

A cute little stray dog has interrupted the soccer game between The Strongest and Nacional Potosi. The match took place on 24th December at the Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz, Bolivia. The cute little puppy was able to catch the spectators’ attention towards him for about three minutes. This was a very unique and glorious moment for the soccer fans. The white puppy has stolen a football boot of a substitute goal keeper. The dog started to run around the ground while chewing the boot. Later, one of the player from home team named Raul Castro carried the puppy out of the field while giving it a belly rub. The puppy was Astonished and excited by the belly rubs given by the players.

Image credits: Jorge Mamani

Later, they named puppy as Cachito. Cachito won the love of hundred people. This puppy was lucky enough to bring the fortunate to home town team. During the Christmas Eve they won the match for 3-0. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end there. Though the match end, there had been some complains stating that there is some other plans behind the puppy’s incident. They say that it was something plan, in order to win the match. Ultimately, Cachito has become the center of attraction throughout the match and even after that.

Image credits: Jorge Mamani

Further, after the match Cachito was homeless and it led his life. Unfortunately, Cachito was stuck by a vehicle and found at the street. The dog was in a very poor condition. Cachito was rescued by a local shelter. They took care of him and feed him. Now, he is slowly recovering. This heart broken news for scoccer fans went deep in their hearts. Cachito has already stolen the hearts of million fans. Though it is only about few minutes, it was a turning point in Cachito’s life.

Image credits: Jorge Mamani

The homeless puppy is lucky enough to find an amazing home with a fascinating owner thanks to a football boot. After hearing the heart breaking news of Cachito’s life, Raul Castro decided to adopt the puppy after returning from the next game. He is one who escorted the dog out of the field. Cachito is going to have belly rubs for the rest of his life. Soccer fans are over joyed after hearing this amazing news. Finally, a football boot paves the way for a homeless stray dog to find its home and the owner.

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