An adorable husband of 92 dyes his wife’s hair
Source: Facebook/הצינור

Due to this COVID-19 all of us are locked down. These days husband and wife loving activities sharing in many places all over the world. We all try different things in order to spend this time in a good way. During this locked down period we attempt to keep attention more on household activities. Also care more on family members rather than before. We can see that all the men and women have become hairy instead of having those wax appointment and salons during this period.

As per this reason almost all the beauty related activities are attempted by the individuals by their own at their homes. They tried them WITHOUT having any professional person. We call this as DIY where it means DO IT YOURSELF. This has become a trend all around the world.

Being too hairy must be very difficult to elderly people also. This story runs about an adorable husband of 92 years old who helped his wife to dye her hair. As we know dyeing a hair is not an easy procedure instead of having any professional individual. Further it consumes a lot of time.

Let’s figure it out. The husband has almost no experience in dyeing hair. But he doesn’t want to spoil the happiness of his wife. So he gave an attempt to it. Here are some photos taken by the grandson of them.

In spite of what we have seen in the media, it actually depicts true love. These photos shout out the mature, considerate, selfless, and true love!

Source: Facebook/הצינור

There is no doubt that her husband takes care of his wife, even if asked to do something beyond his comfort. For both of them, especially for him, it seems to be a brand new experience. Literally, he is also responsible for her hair. The husband did his best to ensure that the hair radiated my heart perfectly. This is true love, this is trivial! They say that if you do anything with love and patience, it will be great! Guess what, her hair is really great. Although her husband is not a professional individual, it looks completely natural. Now, the couple can wait for the storm. It may take several months, but at least you need each other.

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