An award winning rabbit has been stolen at Worcestershire
Annette Edwards with Darius, her continental giant rabbit – she has offered a £1,000 reward for his return. Photograph: Mcfadden/ANL/Rex/Shutterstock

The biggest rabbit in the world has stolen. According to the police, the pet was at its home in Worcestershire.

This incident took place during last Saturday night. The rabbit is called as Darius. It is 129cm long and it was at his enclosure when the incident was happening. The kennel is located at the garden of the property in Stoulton.

In 2010 the rabbit received the Guiness World Record for being the biggest of its kind.

Its owner, Annette Edwards  is ready to offer 1000 for the return of Darius. This was a very sad and heartbroken day for the owner.  

Edward has sent a twitter message to the public. There she requests to bring back her pet back and she mentioned that Darius is too old to breed.

A spokesman from the West  Mercia police mentioned that they have started the investigations regarding a theft of an award winning rabbit. They have started the investigation from this pet’s home at Worcestershire. Police believe that the theft was happened during 10th April to 11 April. They have asked public to contact them through PC Daren Riley via 101 quoting reference 00286-I-11042021 if they get any reliable information regarding the stolen rabbit.

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