Armed protesters in North Carolina with shot guns and pistols
Travis Long/The News & Observer

On Saturday afternoon, a group of nearly a dozen armed protesters marched through downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. Photos quickly became popular and ultimately it became a trend.

Armed protesters in North Carolina with shot guns and pistols
Travis Long/The News & Observer

Photojournalist for News and Observer, Travis Long tweeted the photos he took of armed protesters, with shotguns, pistols and AT-4 anti-tank rocket launcher was with protesters in the Subway restaurant.

The News & Observer reported that the protesters marched against the state’s home order. As the state entered the first phase of the reopening process, the protests began to relax on Saturday.

These images are mainly circulating in the United States. And even an Ohio woman received memetic treatment after digitally replaced the weapons with sandwiches.

According to The News & Observer reports, the protesters created a Facebook group named “Blue Igloo”. On this Facebook page, the protest arranged “a meeting of supporters of the First Amendment and the Second Amendment. Meeting people with similarities and wasting our time at home to exercise.”

According to the live broadcast of the parade evaluation by News & Observer. When the demonstrators entered the subway restaurant, he questioned if they come in and order, and said they did not attempt to scare anyone.

As per the exploration in a similar demonstration in Michigan’s Capitol there were 15,000 cases related to COVID-19 in North Carolina an exceeded 550 deaths as at 10th of May. Concordantly armed protest is not recognized as the first person to flicker the discussion and criticism. On 30th of April given the much attention towards A similar demonstration in the Michigan State Capitol.

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