Banksy Made a Rare Statement on George Floyd Tribute

Although pictures frequently say a thousand words, Banksy thought of using more artwork to deal with the death of George Floyd and the “Black Life” movement.

The artist is the one who creates wonderful, powerful and eye-opening artwork that can deal with social and political issues. He often allows paintings to speak for him.

In his work, Banksy painted a reindeer to lead him to sleep on a bench. The homeless became Santa Claus. A recent image shows a child wearing a superhero toy wearing a nurse uniform in recognition of frontline workers risking their lives and risking their lives. Respond to ongoing health crises.

Considering his prior knowledge of social issues, it is not surprising that the artist came up with fresh work to commemorate the “Black Life Problems” movement. The movement gained momentum after the police killed Floyd.

However, what is even more surprising is that Banksy attached a written statement to his work. There he stated that racism is not a problem for blacks, but for whites.

Further Banksy explored via an Instagram post,

At first I thought I should shut up and listen to black people talking about this issue. But why should I do this? This is not their problem. This is mine.

Banksy Made a Rare Statement on George Floyd Tribute

People of color are going to destroy by the system. White system. It’s like a broken pipe flooding the apartment of the people living downstairs. This problematic system has plagued their lives, but it is not their job to solve the problem. They can’t-no one will allow them to enter the apartment upstairs.

This is a white issue. And if the white man does not repair it, then someone will have to go upstairs and kick the door.

Banksy did not add a title next to the post, but he provided some artwork images to recognize those who lost their lives due to racism. Instead of painting the face of a particular character, Banksy created a picture of an ambiguous character in the frame. Where it is surrounded by candles and flowers, and placed under a burning American flag.

The artist is one of many well-known figures who urge people to note that racism is a systematic fact.


Banksy was praised for his statement on the matter. His followers described the position as “brilliant” and “as always.” Further for the elevation of awareness, education, donations and support we are responsible to inspire change – as per the Banksy’s exploration. Absolutely this is not a black issue, but the person responsible for these issues first.

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