British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of UK (55) years old admitted to the hospital on Sunday. His COVID-19 symptoms were getting worse. On Monday Prime Minister Boris Johnson moved to the ICU.

Basically, 80% of the people are under scrutinized from coronavirus. There is no need of hospitalizing them. There are some serious and drastic situations. Those patients get pneumonia in a certain time period. Although Prime Minister Boris Johnson is not with ventilator support, some patients are with the support of ventilators.

The US centers with the analysis of 2,449 patients,

  • patients in the ICU goes from 4.9% to 11.5%.
  • 12th of February to the 16th of March 53% of patients moved to the ICU is older than 65

Another study with 2249 patients admitted with vicious conditions.

  • 15% of those patients died.
  • another 15% of patients were discharged.
  • 70% of patients were yet in vicious condition.

hopefully Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in his 55.

Most of the researches done about the patients who are in the ICU. Some of the patients in the ICU are still under a vicious condition.

Concordant, From the existing data taken, the conclusion is the number of discharged patients in the ICU is low in the first few periods of time Prime Minister Boris Johnson is also getting the same treatment there.

As per the illustration from another small scale study done with 24 patients suffering from COVID-19 within the period of 24th February to 9th March, concluded that the patients in the ICU basically last for only 14 – 18 days Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Gathered data by Journal of the American Medical Association with the analysis of 21 patients in the ICU from 20th February, 67% died where 24% are in the critical condition the 17th of March. And the fortunate was there for only 2 patients to be cured and discharge.

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