California model smokes marijuana on Instagram for $60,000
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The Instagram user has 282,000 followers on her Instagram page. All most all  of uploaded photos of California model’s includes smoking weed and posing to the camera with an underwear.

The 29-year-old girl, Sewkey, is from California. Basically cannabis is legal for entertainment purposes. In the past, she used to be a waiter at a price of $9 per hour and later on she was able to “reinvented herself” through social media.

When talking about going through the trough of life and fighting anxiety and depression, Sewkey explored that she felt she had pressed the reset button.

Jam Press

She said that,

After experiencing some traumatic experiences, I experienced depression for a while, and I was confused about the direction of life.

I decided to turn to social media and just let go of my hands to relieve my pain and stress. It was like a way to reinvent myself, such as pressing the reset button or backspace button. Therefore, I made this wise and firm decision to become an Instagram model.

This is an excellent way to focus on setting goals. A way to keep my mind free from wanderings is a great help to my mental state.

Sewkey secured a sum of money for rapper Wiz Khalifa, admitted to smoking up to 20 joints a day, and explained that this kept her “cool, healthy and calm.”

Sewkey is currently an ambassador for Raw Rolling Papers. She also wishes to design her own cannabis brand one day.

Jam Press

In addition to commercial purposes, Sewkey also talked about how smoking weed can help her relieve anxiety and depression.

Moving on due to the sexy pictures of her smoking weeds, her fans also asked brought her some worse requests.

She also explored that, ‘success through social media has really changed my life. I became cold, smoking and being myself; Goofy, sexy and cute. ’ It sounds like Sewkey is indeed living a noble life.

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