wuhan city covid 19

In the COVID-19 pandemic, Lin Wenhua, was one of the volunteers involved in helping the people live in Wuhan, China. Majorly he engaged in helping as the people in the city. Especially for helpless and unable to go out in order to fulfill their necessities.

This kind-hearted volunteer, in some instances, provided transportation for the people who especially need to meet the doctor. This helped in distributing the drugs mostly utilize for the treatments of HIV and AIDS without any charges to the relatives of the patients suffering from COVID-19.

Although these volunteers suffered from thousands of tension in experiencing a keen fall due to the transmission of COVID-19. The break down of public transportation service in the city, they didn’t stop offering their service to the community.

In an interview by Reuters, Lin said that the entire city will absolutely face to a huge troublesome situation. He has brought out these while exploring, how he managed to support the citizens even the city was locked down. As per his illustration, spotlighted that he has totally driven 4000Km. Further, he said that there were more other volunteers who have driven even more than 4000Km.

In this role of a medicine courier, at first he hesitated in the distribution of medicine for the patients. But ultimately he felt that these medicine always show them a hope for the continuation of their lives.

He has done the distribution for about 30 citizens in the city. With the time pass the demand for his other services collapsed. The situation COVID-19 became more serious and dangerous in the city. With that, he focused started to work on his profession as a freelance filmmaker for the advertising agencies. But still, this was a sensitive experience for his entire life.

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