Deepika is having bunch of dates with Ranveer and they were spotted out
Image Source : YOGEN SHAH

Deepika and Ranveer are considered as a very happening and funny couple in Bollywood. Last Tuesday Deepika Padukone has celebrated her birthday. They wore couple outfits by matching their track suits. Couple was twinning with their outfits.

Deepika wore a brown color ensemble and she never forgot to wear her sunglasses. Ranveer was wearing a grey color track suit. Both were wearing masks which go with their outfits. They were not spending their time like a typical husband and wife. They were like friends and they have lot in common. Since, both of them are movie stars they might be having a busy schedule. But they find time for each other. According to this beautiful couple, they can spend an endless time with each other, they can talk endlessly and even they can spend time silently.  

Deepika is having bunch of dates with Ranveer and they were spotted out
Image Source : YOGEN SHAH

It seems like they were enjoying their life. Recently, they had finished their New Year vacation to Ranthambore. Amidst the pandemic they are trying to enjoy their life. Deepika shared a collection of photos and videos via Instagram account. Her fans were happy to see how she was relishing her life.

Deepika is having over 50 million followers in her instagram. Deepika asked them to take a break from their hectic life styles. She even said that family is the best remedy for all sorts of problems faced by us. How much professional success we achieve in our life, family is the pillar behind those success.  

She said that she never changed her personal life based on her professional achievements. The time spends with family and friends will always be a quality time. According Deepika, family shows the where we were and where we want to be. So, she asked everyone to take that much needed break before it’s going to be too late.

Image Source : YOGEN SHAH

During the Ranthambore vacation Deepika joined with her family. There she spent time with her mother Ujjala padukone, her father Prakash Padukone and her sister Anisha Padukone. Also at that moment, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bath were spending their vacation at Ranthambore with their parents. It depicts that Deepika really had a quality time with her family. She seemed to be very happy. This was clearly shown through the comment written on Instagram post.

Deepika is having bunch of dates with Ranveer and they were spotted out_04
Image Source : YOGEN SHAH

Alia never forget to wish Deepika on her birthday. She admired the beauty of Deepika, she mentioned about the inner and outer beauty. She said that she waiting to have many more random adventures together with DP.  

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