Grandmother Surprises Granddaughter By Knitting Her A Sweater
Image credits: juliecordiner

This is about a lovely grandmother, Christmas is full of surprises and miracles. During this festive season we can see many colorful happenings and events. Among those festive activities, “ugly Christmas jumpers” is a very phenomenal happening. People organize parties and happenings related to this tradition to celebrate this tradition. This tradition came into society during 1950s.

Firstly, people were laughing at these comedy shows but the time this tradition was internalize into the society. Now, people are dedicated to celebrate this day in different manners. They decorate their wholesome tops with Christmas seasonal decorations like Santa, reindeers, snow and Christmas tree. People like to owe one or two of these tops. But, one of the grandmothers in UK has taken this tradition into a new level. She has joined this festive decoration while gifting her granddaughter an amazing snug.

She has a lovely granddaughter and she has gifted a designed snug. This cute little girl had to draw her own jumper to celebrate the “Christmas Jumper Day” for school project. School has organized this event as a fund raising program for Save the Children Charity.

Julie found this drawing of her granddaughter and she got an idea to knit this exact same jumper. She even shared her idea in Twitter. Grandmother has stated that she is going to create an amazing jumper for her granddaughter which is drawn by her little princess for school project.

As she is well talented in knitting, she was able to complete the jumper on time. She gifted it to her granddaughter on the actual Christmas Jumper Day at school.

Little girl was very happy to wear her own design for the school project. She got many photos while wearing the jumper. Her smile shows how happy she was.

Image credits: juliecordiner

Julie found herself as a proud grandmother after seeing the happiness on the face of her little girl. Julie never forget to upload a Christmas which to twitter. For that she uploaded a photo of the granddaughter and she shared her happiness with the others.

The jolly sweater is exactly the image drawn by the girl. It contains a Christmas tree with a colorful bulbs and a shining star at the top of the tree. Apart from that there are some Christmas presents under the tree.

Beside the tree, there is a Santa who is willing to distribute the presents. At the top of the sweeter, snowflakes are falling.

Grandmother she got numerous comments for her post and 110k likes in twitter. According to many people this is very thoughtful gift. Knitting, crocheting and sewing is a best way to show the grandma’s love to younger generation.

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