Hunstable Reveals The Truth Behind His Son’s Death
Hayden’s Corner/YouTube

A year ago, world has faced the largest and hardest pandemic situation. Still today we are struggling with that and there are many immeasurable negative impacts to the society. With this new virus people have to change their life style. The day the world became under the Covid – 19, it mainly affects for the human relationships. No more outings, no more gatherings, no more parties. People are stuck inside their house and in social medias.  

A Texas father claimed that he has lost his son due to social distancing. Brad Hunstable shared his grief of losing his son into the world, because he want to expose the pressure and pain people are facing due to this corona virus. The 12 year old boy, Hayden leads to suicide but not the way you are thinking of. This distasteful incident happened four days before his 13th birthday, on 17th of April.

Hunstable Reveals The Truth Behind His Son’s Death
Hayden’s Corner/YouTube

He was a kind hearted and well behaved boy and an appealing big brother for his little sister who is 8 years old. He attended to his own chores in order to have a new monitor for his birthday. But unfortunately, little boy couldn’t control his anger and he throw his anger into the newly bought computer.

Hunstable mentioned that his son didn’t have any depression problems or any other psychological issue. According to his point of view social distancing is the reason for this incident. There are some people in the society whom could not accept this or they don’t have the correct means to adopt this critical situation. Specially, small kids need spend their time freely. Accepting rules and regulations, not having friendly relationships, they don’t know how to deal with a situation like this under pressure. His father says that his kid would have been alive today if he could have gone to school and if he could have enjoyed his life. Pandemic can be hard to grown-ups, yet it can be worse to youngsters. So, it is a fact that everyone need to care about the mental well-being of the youngsters.

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