Immunity leads for a fresh start for life after the pandemic

Now it is the high time to make a global response to this pandemic. The immunity level of human is way too law for this covid 19. People always bothered when and how they can start their normal life again.

However the UK prime minister Boris Johnson has said that people in UK will come across this pandemic and release the tide in the next 12 weeks. But in the global scenario it will possibly take years to survive from this outbreak. However It is clear that social distancing and shutting down decisions not going to work out for a long period of time. Moreover the impact of shutting is way high. It is destructing the social and economic background of the whole world.

So, the coronavirus is not going to disappear, but the countries always need a quick start of their normal day-to-day operations. So, there are some essential ways of surviving from this.

  • Vaccination
  • Natural Immunity
  • Social Behavior
1. Vaccination process

Vaccination may help to increase the immunity of people exposing the society. As we know Trump signed the largest known contract against Covid 19. So, the researchers are doing a massive job to find out a vaccine. They can take animals to perform testing as they allowed to do so. Finding and the results of experiments highlights that a vaccine outcome may be at least 18 months away.

2. Natural Immunity

People have some immunity level for other coronaviruses. This new COVID 19 virus is differ from other corona viruses. However this will take up to two three years to get natural immunity for this virus.

3. Social Responsibility

The major duty is to be clean and clear. However cough is one of the symptoms of this disease people should aware of how to cough in public. In addition, Washing hands in quick intervals is a good practice. On the other hand Avoid touching face is a good manner to survive from this. People should try to wear a face mask in public.

fresh start for life after the pandemic Covid19

As a conclusion people should stay calm and wait for the world science to bring a permanent solution for COVID 19

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