Seniors cross the finish line at Darlington Raceway graduation
Credit:Carlos Flores/WPDE

The senior students of the South Carolina Governor’s School of Science and Mathematics organized a graduation ceremony at Darlington Speedway.

The students enjoyed meeting their classmates after months and embellished the car with ribbons, balloons and banners.

The ceremony was in the parking lot. Advised the students to be there in the car until they want to get a diploma. After the predecessors turn the tassel from left to right, it is time to commence the engines.

The car entered the runway behind the Darlington pace car. Each student lined up on the finish line, waiting patiently until school’s temporary principal to wave a checkered flag. After she waved her hand, she could only hear the burning rubber. The students drove across the track at the fastest speed and excitedly entered the next chapter of life.

Ershela Sims is the interim principal of the school. She saw the how essential a graduation to a person, and was pleased that the event was held so quickly.

Sims said: “We heard the voices of parents and students clear and clear. They hope there is a memorable way to celebrate their graduation, while also ensuring the safety of the people involved.”

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