Industrial revolution to combat with Covid-19 pandameic
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Industrial revolution will bring change at a speed, scale and force, unlike anything we were experienced before. It will affect the very essence of our human experience.

In the period of 1785 to 1890 the first industrial revolution brought mechanical innovations like the steam engine, cotton spinning and railroads.


The second industrial revolution brought mass production through assembly lines and electrification after 1970’s the third industrial revolution brought mainframe computers, personal computing and the internet.

Today the radical system-wide innovation can happen in only a few years. The interplay between fields like nanotechnology, brain research, 3D printing, mobile networks and computing will create the realities that were previously unthinkable. Access to technology will spread like wildfire. And also almost everyone will be able to invent new products and services cheaply and quickly. The business models of each and every industry about to transform.  How do we avoid a world of joblessness, low productivity and inequality?

Many countries are using big data and other data analyzing tool to manage the effects of coronavirus to the economy. Especially South Korea and Taiwan are some specific countries which are using AI and other relevant technologies to do so.

Industrial revolution to combat with Covid-19 pandameic
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In some countries especially in china using AI models to interpret radiographic results with the help of clinical expertise. And also using robots to reduce interpersonal contacts with the patients. Scientists are in parallel experiments to find out a permanent solution to this pandemic by a vaccine.

So the world leaders in this fourth industrial revolution have the handful of technology to combat with this pandemic.

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