Jessica Simpson lost 100 lbs. after the birth of her 3rd baby

After the birth of Jessica’s daughter, Birdie Mae Jessica continued on sharing the latest updates on the weight loss in her Instagram account. In order to lose the weight, Jessica worked with a Harley Pasternak. Once Harley explored in an interview had with E news on the way how Jessica lost her weight.

Pasternak told the media that after the birth of Birdie, Simpson weighed 240 lbs. He said: “So, we have done the work for us, and maybe more work on this baby than others.” Harley worked with Simpson’s doctor to develop a weight loss plan, which helped the singer to achieve a weight loss of six months 100 lbs. The ultimate goal was to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Harley further explained that Jessica didn’t involve in any strict diets or any type heavy exercises. She just started in walking 6000 steps a day. Finally she ended up with 14,000 steps a day.

Simpson included strength training into her daily activities. Pasternak said: “We first do full-body exercises, one group at a time, but in fact, not too much intensity training for each body part, but gradually increase the intensity and strength.”

Jessica prioritized in taking nutritious and healthy food rather than stepping to an extreme diet. Basically she takes 3 meals per day and 2 snacks. This majorly include protein and vegetables.

When it requires her any sugar cravings, she chews Sweetkick mints.

The singer cheated throughout the week. “You don’t have to be addicted to yourself all day, Pasternak said.” If you do this, it may be extreme. As per the further illustration of Pasternak, her goal is to get seven hours of sleep every night. “Many people underestimate the importance of sleep in weight loss and weight control.

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