Kelly Osbourne Denies That She Had A Plastic Surgery
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Kelly Osbourne defended a recent Instagram selfie she posted. The TV personality captioned a pic of her wearing purple space buns and glam makeup with the message “suns out buns out” over the weekend.

Her pals remarked she looked “beautiful” in the comments, while some on Instagram stated she was unrecognizable. Some even speculated that she underwent cosmetic surgery over her face.

In an Instagram video posted on Monday, Osbourne stated that she had not had plastic surgery. “Let’s put an end to these ridiculous rumors!!!” She said in the caption, “Can’t you just be happy for me?” At the opening of the video, Osbourne stated, “Good morning, everyone.” “Right now, I’m doing hair and cosmetics.” I simply wanted to bring up a matter that you’re all discussing, since I’m always open and honest and I will discuss anything openly.”

“I also haven’t had any plastic surgery,” she said. “Other than handful cosmetic injections in my lips, jaw, and forehead here, I’ve never done anything to my face. I don’t lie, but I appreciate the comment.” In the comments, several celebs praised Osbourne.

Vanessa Hudgens wrote, “You look great.” “F—- em,” says the narrator. “You have a GORGEOUS figure!” “Dancing with the Stars” star Cheryl Burke added.

Kelly Osbourne Denies That She Had A Plastic Surgery

On the other hand “”I got surgery; I don’t give an f—- what anyone has to say,” she remarked on the “Hollywood Raw” podcast in August. I accomplished it, I’m proud of it, and they’re a bunch of jerks.”

Osbourne called the surgery “the finest thing” she’d “ever done” and claimed she still worked out and ate well afterward.

“I want to be very transparent about the type of surgery I had,” Osbourne stated. “It just serves to point you in the proper way. So, anyone considering doing something similar should really consider it.”

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