Lily Wilder Little Girl found a prehistoric footprint of a dinosaur
The footprint could help scientists understand how dinosaurs walked

Lily Wilder found something unique while she was walking with her daddy Richard near Berry. The 4 year old girl was bored at home during the locked down, so she decided to have walk with her dad. While she was walking there she found a perfect example for a dinosaur foot print. The South Wales beach started to famous for its pre historic footprint. This latest finding is considered to be around 220 million years old. It was now taken to the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff to conduct the further studies regarding this amazing finding.

Lilly’s mummy was over whelmed by her little daughter’s finding. When girl pointed the footprint to Richard, he took some photographs and went home. After Sally get know about that she consulted the experts and informed the necessary authority. The family was happy to find out that it is a footprint of a real dinosaur. They were very glad about the fact that it has been taken to the museum. It is perishable moment for them because this is going to be enjoyed and studied future generations.

When considering about the creature, the foot print is 10cm long. The dinosaur is considered to be around 75cm tall and 2.5m long. It might be walking on two legs and fed on bugs and smaller creatures.

A foot print which came under same category was found from USA. It belongs to a dinosaur known as Coelophysis. But this category was not found by UK before.

The palaeontology curator of National Museum of Wales, Cindy Howells stated that the fossilized foot print of dinosaur is one of the best evidence to study and to analyze how these early dinosaurs walked. As this foot print ran for 200 million years back and it is one of the best preserved example anywhere found in UK. He thanked the Lilly and the family who spotted the foot print at first. He appreciated the actions taken by the family by informing the necessary authorities.

The Wilder family, pointing at the dinosaur footprint that Lily, far right, found. Pic: Richard Wilder
The Wilder family, pointing at the dinosaur footprint that Lily, far right, found. Pic: Richard Wilder

During the covid-19 pandemic situation scientists from Amgueddfa Cymru mentioned about the importance of interacting with the nature. This is one of the best example for that. Unless we interfere with the nature we are not going to find the hidden meanings and blessings of the nature.

It is obvious that we are not going to find dinosaur’s footprints at our doorsteps. Nature is full of miracles and happenings. We need to have close look and close relationship with the nature to find out these hidden wealth of the nature. To remove this footprint from the beach, they had to take special permission. It is because it is site of Special Scientific Interest and it is a private property.

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