Man in Lancashire killed by group of cows while walking

The 82 year old man allegedly walked with his 78 year old wife during an attack on Ivescar near Ingleton on 30th of May

The man died at 1.45 pm on the scene and his wife admitted to hospital by ambulance due to injuries.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said that the old man from Pendle Foulridge died yesterday after attacked by a group of cows. There was an emergency service attendant. Sadly, the man died at the scene.

The elderly couple was walking near the Ribblehead viaduct and ultimately they accidentally disturbed a group of cows with calves’ close by.

As per the exploration of a report by the Yorkshire Evening News. Although the woman is injured she is not in a serious situation. But she is in the hospital due to bruises and severe shock.

Man in Lancashire killed by group of cows while walking
PA Images

Even though it is unclear the actual cause of the attack, the Edifier (formerly Edifier Association)

Concordantly it also recommends that walkers should stop and notice the behavior of animals. Especially cows and bulls, before crossing the fields surrounded by them. Further it is also important advise the tourists to manage the safe distance with the animals.

The dog of the couple has not involved in the scene. The walkers told that they must strictly control the dogs and maintain a short lead.

The National Park Authority agrees with this and recommends special caution, especially during the breeding season.

He slipped and fell while walking on the Ingleton Falls trail, It is closed to the public during the pandemic. People are urged to stay local and stay safe to minimize the pressure on emergency services. The current health crisis is imminent.

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