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Thinking of spending your entire life in an isolated place like this without going out for shopping to fulfill your grocery and medicine necessities?

Basically people prioritize several reasons to live themselves for the rest of their lives even for a long or short period of time.

This house which is located on the southern coast of Iceland can be deliberated as one of the best places to get through from COVID-19 and stay away from their busy schedule.

Although this strange house doesn’t have electricity and other requirements, it will perfectly match for an individual who is in favor to enjoy an “off-the-grid” lifestyle. Further this can be explored as the best place to survive a Zombie Apocalypse.

As this house is isolated from the whole world and distract the individuals from the busy schedule, basically they would attempt to think about many issues that they will face because this will be a big change for their lives compared to the previous life spent with colleagues and relatives.

Although there are rumors related to this wonderful place, there are no evidences to prove them. But considering on the hidden story where this place was gifted by Bjork can be illustrated that there is a little truth as there is an evidence where Bjork has his own house and is situated on a different Island in Iceland which is also known as Elliðaey

In the further exploration about Elliðaey, it was not isolated like this and going back to 300 years like 1700s, it was explored that five families have spent their lives in the Island but they only were involved in fishing, hunting and cattle breeding. As we all can understand there are less opportunities in comparison with the other places and this was an absolute issue for those families and finally they decided to leave.

This cottage which was built in 1953 by the Hunting Association of Elliðaey of Iceland to serve shelter for the hunters who are in the requisition of hunting puffins. Here “Shelter” describes a cottage that cater basic requirements like roof. Moving on, this cottage doesn’t have electricity, other needed facilities and doesn’t have the most modern facilities but this has Sauna.

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