Mr.Beast Burger Free Food and Free Money across USA by a YouTuber

“Mr Beast Burger” has been able to caught the whole world’s attention. Mr Beast has expanded his you tube into another inspiring side. He has started a new chain restaurant of burgers across USA. Nevertheless he hasn’t forget about his classic fashion of free give away of foods and cash. People can order free burgers for free over 300 outlets.

Jimmy Donaldson who is known as Mr Burger is popular among the society for doing crazy things with money. Recently, he had done his biggest investment. He has started to distribute not only Christmas presents but also the foods for the people who are ready to accept his challenges.

The you tube channel who has more than 48 million subscribers has opened up their own restaurant chain across the country and they have about 300 branches. Can anyone can order any where from USA and can place their order.

He wanted give away more than free burgers. When his fellows opened up an outlet in North America and when the people saw the sign, they have been queued up for miles. Mr Burger has given 100 dollars with every order and apart from that he has given some expensive gifts like ipads and even he has gifted a new car to a sideswiped. Sometimes it is difficult for everyone to got into the queue because it causes for a huge traffic jam, so the police had to limit the crowd.

Mr Burger has launched 300 outlets across the country and you can order your burger and taste it. Though you are not getting the chance to sit down at a physical show room. And taste the burger, you can use the delivery apps like UberEats, Doordash, Grubhub, and Postmates to place the order. You can dine your favourite Burger in your own comfort zone with your loved ones.

The burgers aren’t free but all the money gain by selling the burgers will go for charity. He will help to feed the poor families who are in need of food. Here is a list of burgers and their prices.

  • Beast Style – $6.99
  • Chandler Style – $6.99
  • Chris Style – $7.99
  • Karl’s Grilled Cheese – $4.59
  • Crispy Chicken Tender Sandwich – $6.99
  • Nashville Hot Chicken Tender Sandwich – $6.99
  • Seasoned Crinkle Fries – $3.25
  • Beast Style Fries – $4.99
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie – $2.49

Up to now Mr. Burgers was unable to launch his products internationally. But, recently he is planning to cross the borders. “I’m going to do everything in my power to bring Mr Beast Burger to the international audience as soon as possible,” he said. Within next decade we can access to Mr Beast Burger from anywhere in the world.

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