Organizer ReopenNC tested positive for COVID-19
Audrey Whitlock Facebook

The admin of ReopenNC Audrey Whitlock has tested positive for covid 19 virus Now she is under quarantine for two weeks according to news agency WFAE.

In a statement to WFAE. She said, “I remained in isolation/self-quarantine at my home per the direction of my county health department. I have not attended any events for Reopen NC.”

ReopenNC facebook page has over 60,000 members. The group has organized two rallies in Raleigh in the city of North Carolina.

In that rally some participants tried to follow the medical instructions by keeping six feet apart while others violated.

Organizer Reopen NC tested positive for COVID-19
ReOpen NC members protest to demand that Gov. Roy Cooper allow businesses to reopen in Raleigh, North Carolina.AP Photo/Gerry Broom
In a post on facebook group account Whitlock shared her travel to West Coast.

“When they started doing antibody testing (select labs) I went and had one done just out of curiosity to see if what I had in Feb was COVID,” Whitlock said, according to the Raleigh News and Observer.  “The test came back positive for COVID and negative for the antibodies, so I had a CDC test performed.” She added: “So this testing and tracing that Cooper is talking about, I have firsthand experience that it did not exist in my case,” Whitlock said. “After an abundance of caution, I notified my primary care physician who advised me on what to do, and I have been in my house ever since!” 

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