Own Coffee shop opened by a differently abled person
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This inspiring coffee shop story is about a man with autism. All of us are not same. We may be differ from person to person. We often forget to accept this, and eventually the judge will discriminate and exclude others. For a disabled person, life is sad because they face many challenges every day. They may be sad about their shelter, their attitude, employment and public transportation. They also worry on others attitude towards them. Any way, in the face of all these challenges, it is absolutely possible to overcome them and chase your dreams in the lives of people with disabilities. Michael Coyne is a good example.

Michael is a Special Olympics athlete who suffers from bipolar disorder, autism, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Despite his different abilities, when he was 21, he attempted to  to apply for different jobs. Unfortunately he was always rejected from all those applied jobs.

© redwhitebrewri / Facebook  

He explained that, although he had successfully completed a course based on hospitality to acquire the skills. Skills required by the food service industry from many places he applied for, no one was willing to hire him. His mother, Sheila, was also uncomfortable with this. By the way, Michael grew up and was not discouraged by all the negative emotions that made him sensible, so he no longer looked for a company to hire him, he became his own boss and thought of creating his own one. After finishing his business class, Michael was able to open his own cafe in North Smithfield, Rhode Island in the name of “Red, White and Brewer Cafe.”

When talking about red, white and brewed coffee houses, their “About” section includes these words:

Michael also provided opportunities for local disabled artists to showcase their talents in his cafe and profit from their products, which brought hope to families in the same situation. He declared that although he initially worried that he would hate the job, now, he likes it very much. He further went on to explain that the cafe is “a beacon of hope for the disabled”

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