In March 2020, the world changed beyond all recognition. Some with key moments in 1st march there were 89000 cases of coronavirus worldwide and more than 3000 death. (Worldometers)

A huge majority of these in China and many Chinese cities are still lockdown. As in 9th march, Italy looks set to become the hardest-hit country after China. Italy declared a nationwide lockdown after 8,000 cases and 463 deaths (Worldometers). Videos were circulated of people applauding health workers from their balconies.

BY 11th March the world Health organization described the COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic for the first time. In 16th March Los Angeles and New York order bars, theatres and cinemas to close (Reuters) as infection rates rise across the US. By 18th March Australia declared a ‘Human biosecurity emergency’ (Herald) on the same day China said it has no new cases for the first time in a day. In 19th March Italy reached 3000 deaths from coronavirus than any other country. (Worldometers) but is still far from the peak of its health emergency. By 23rd March the UK followed European neighbours into lockdown.

After that in 24th March India went for a complete lockdown by saying 1.3 billion people to stay at home while imposes strict social distancing measures. When passing 26th March there were half-million cases worldwide keeping half of them in Europe and most of those in Italy and Spain. US confirmed a $2 trillion package to help those affected by the crisis offering support to manufacturers, airlines, businesses and individuals. Unfortunately, there were more than 800,000 cases reported worldwide and almost 40,000 death (Worldometers).

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