Pedals instead of lift buttons in Thailand Shopping Malls
Seacon Square/Twitter

With the implementation of new rules and regulations, shopping malls have recently opened their doors with safety with pedals. Thai residents can enjoy themselves with a proper safety.

To ensure customer safety, Bangkok’s Seacon Square shopping center has installed new foot pedals in its elevators. This allows users to simply press the floor they want to go. And without having to press buttons with the usage of their hands.

The World Health Organization explored that this virus spreads from person to person via small droplets on the nose or mouth. When the person carrying the virus coughs, sneezes or talks, the droplets are dispersed. These drops of water will land on the surface and spread when other people touch the surface and then touch their faces.

Elevator is one of the main things the people use daily via their hands. So it has a higher probability to spread it among people when they use lift buttons.

With the replacement of the foot pedals the shopping mall successfully reduced shoppers ’need to access potentially contaminated surfaces.

As countries begin to relax restrictions and adopt methods to reduce the spread of viruses and ensure residents ’safety, such functions may become more common.

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