Privacy Policy

This privacy policy has been designed and systematized for a preferable serve to those who are reviewed and analyzed how their “Personally Identifiable Information” (PIT) is being applied online. Our website, concerns on the personal privacy very seriously. The content of our website is original or re-written under specific policies. Furthermore, the original articles of the website are written by our writers while re-written articles are published with a source under our systematized website policy. Please read our privacy policy thoroughly in order to get a better understanding on the way that we gather, apply, protect or else handle your Personally Identifiable Information as per our website.

What type of personal details we gather from the people who visit our website?

This page explores you on our policies as for the accumulation, utilization and declaration of the personal details that we encounter from the website users. Substantially we do not ask for any personal detail and we only expect your presence in using the website for the improvement of our website.

As many of the site operators, we focus on the collection of details where your browser directs, in any of the instance where you visit our website. The log data may comprise of the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer, the type and version of the browser, the page of our website where you visit, time and the date of your visit, the spending time of you in the website and other statistics.

Reasons for the collection of personal information.

The most fundamental details of you, are gathered as soon as you have subscribed or enter details on advertisements of the website. Apart from that, we provide the authority to third parties, in consistent of the perfectly chosen ad networks and the business partners like Adsense, Audience networks etc. in order to exhibit the advertisements on our website. As it is indicated above, the business partners may gather, apply and share your details in order to provide us the help in forecasting about your favors, and it may afford with several offers, promotional materials and advertisements.

How do we use your details?

We use the details that we have gathered from you as soon as you have registered, made any buying decision, signed up for our website, answered to a questionnaire, surf the website or usage of several other characteristics with regard to the site in the below mentioned ways,

  • To individualize the experience of you.
  • To let us to deliver the type of content and also the product that you are interested with.
  • To boost our website as per to provide a better service to you.
  • To send and make you update with fresh contents and offers that you may interested with via emails.

How do we secure your details?

Being a responsible website we only cater useful articles, information and malware scanning where it is must to spotlight that we don’t use vulnerable scanning or scanning to PCI standards or else we don’t request for any of your credit card numbers. We care and make it a responsibility in providing the security for your personal information and we use varieties of measures in order to protect your details when you have entered, submitted and accessed your personal information. Each and every transaction is done via a gateway provider and it is not processed and stored within our servers. The most highlighted fact is that we don’t do our marketing for the children who are under 13 years old.

How we use cookies?

We don’t share personal details with the third parties. We involve to do store information and we gather in your visit to our website and apply to investigate the content performance via the usage of cookies. For an example we use the cookies as a factor which helps us in remembering and processing the items in your shopping cart. Moreover, this helps us in us in understanding recognizing your preferences on the basis of earlier or ongoing site activity and this will allow us to provide you an improved and a better service. If you don’t like to see the cookies, you can turn it off by adjusting the settings of your internet browser. Also it is must to mention that, if you turn off the cookies it will miss you some of the new features of the website.

Engagement of third party.

Your Personal Identifiable Information will not be sell, trade or transmit to outside parties through us. Concordantly we give attention and include the products and services offered by the third paties in our website. These mentioned third parties have different and their own privacy policies.

Further, you can receive the notifications as you wish via Push notification which acts as an individual Marketing software which pops up on a web browser or mobile device. You can either allow it or deny it.


Usually we are in to advertising via Google AdSense, Revcontent and Audience Netwrok on our Newsline website.Google uses cookies as a third party vendor in order to display the advertisements. The use of DART cookie by Google allows to display the advertisement to the users of Newsline on the basis of previous visit to our and other available websites on the Internet.The Users of the website may leave without using the DART cookie and visit the Google ad and content network policy. Furthermore, if you don’t require Revcontent, you can simply click the below “opt-out” button and ignore.

How can you updated about Newline Privacy Policy?

We link the Privacy Policy of our website on the home page  and this will change without any pror notices.

If you come up with any issue regarding our Privacy Police, please feel free to contact us via

We gather your email address to send the required details, answer to the questions, inquiries or else other requests.

We agree with the followings:

  • Not using incorrect and misleading subjects or email addresses.
  • Recognizing the message in terms of an advertisement with a proper way.
  • Use the business address or the site headquarters as a way to the users to contact us.
  • Detect the third party email marketing services for the confirmation.
  • Availability to request promptly the opt-out/ unsubscribe option.
  • Allow the users to unsubscribe directly with the usage of link at the bottom of each email.

If you want to unsubscribe in receiving the future emails, please feel free to send us an email via and we will remove you from all the correspondence immediately.

CONTACT US :  If you have any problem regarding our privacy policy, please contact us via