Reappearance of a hidden church under Turkish lake
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After locking, you can finally see an ancient underwater church that has been submerged under the Turkish lake for more than 1600 years.

When the water pollution is cleared. The striking images from above shows the Romanesque church-known as the cathedral-in the waters of Lake Iznik. Now located in the northwestern region of Turkey.

The photos captured after the local authorities flew the drone over the lake and showed the walls and structure in amazing detail.

Central European News

Concordantly, these sites found in 2014. This is an early example of Christian architecture. American Archaeological Society considered as one of the top ten discoveries of the year.

Archaeologists believe that the cathedral built around 390 AD. This built when Istanbul called Constantinople and evaluated the eastern center of the Roman Empire.

As per the report in Live Science magazine, the church destroyed by an earthquake in 740 AD. Is earthquake ruins sank under the lake, waiting for rediscovery.

As per the beliefs of the specialist Byzantine cathedral built to commemorate St. Neophytos. He is a saint and martyr who lived during the time period of the Roman emperors Diocletian and Galerius.

Central European News

Neophytos died in the hands of Roman soldiers in 303 AD. Ten years prior the formal announcement to ensure religious tolerance for Christians living in the Roman Empire. Şahin believed that the church built at the moment Neophytos met him.

In another interesting event, archaeologists now believe that the cathedral is likely to have more surprising secrets. It is believed that it was probably built on the pagan temple of Apollo. It’s the Greek and Roman sun god. According to The Weather Channel researchers discovered a very old lamp and some ancient coins at the site. This will show another fascinating and even older structure buried under the cathedral.

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