newsline-container hospitals for covid19

Hospitals made from shipping containers could help fight coronavirus. Under plans drawn up by architect working with MIT empty containers would be turned into mobile intensive care units (ICU) with a bed and all the equipment needed to keep desperately ill patients alive.

The mobile intensive care units would be quick to build and could ease the pressure on hospitals. People with COVID-19 sometimes need intensive treatment and many countries already have a shortage of hospital beds and equipment. Experts have already warned of the consequences in especially under-equipped regions. Africa where the strained health systems could be overwhelmed by the disease. Countries around the world have different numbers of ICU beds available. Italy has less than half as many critical care beds as Germany. London is turning a huge exhibition centre into a makeshift hospital with 4000 beds, ventilators and oxygen (NHS).

Carlo Ratti Association teamed up with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to design the modules. And took the advice from an array of engineers, medical equipment suppliers and other experts. Now they want to rapidly scale up the project (car).

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