Coronavirus in South Korea

South Korea did a massive setback to break the spread of COVID-19 using methods of testing and tracing. They acted very fast after its first case of coronavirus reported in January.

It rolled out a ‘test, trace and track, approach. Fast-tracking mass production of test kits and setting up drive-through and walk-in test centers which provide results in 24 hours. At the beginning of March South Korea was testing for coronavirus 20,000 people a day the most in the world. Source: BBC

The testing approach means there was no nationwide lockdown. though a large number of public gatherings banned and schools were shut and there was a plan to prevent new infections which all the arrivals from abroad will be sent for a compulsory two weeks quarantine.

In the 2015 MERS outbreak, South Korea had the second-highest number of death after Saudi Arabia. And it’s fast, a prepared response is based on lessons learned then. How your country is reacting to the coronavirus pandemic?       

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