Students with special needs

There are some students who require extra support. Strict warnings provided from most of the countries. Technology is one of the tools which can help both the schools and parents to the continuation of education.

Apart from that, there are students who don’t have internet facilities. who comes to school to manage their daily meal, who doesn’t speak in English. Mostly this will impact the children with special needs in many different ways.

The closure of the schools may basically influence the academics of the children. The maintenance of the academic procedure and offering support to the special needs children through special educational instructors. This will be a huge challenge where it will delay the students’ language who needs speech therapies. Furthermore, the failure to provide behavioral therapies may make some worse differences within them.

The major essential thing for the special needs children is the continuation. There are some kids who used to work on a regular schedule. It needs the participation of various tasks and works on the lessons given by their teachers, at home. In order involved in the studies as mentioned above, there should be great support from the parents. They should listen well to the children and communicate with children and teachers well. Moving on, parents can also offer a kind of rewards system. It can lead the children interested and dedicated to studies or can ask children to support them with their daily work at the house.

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