Tattoo artist’s two-tone ink makes people dizzy in Mexico

The 25-year-old Yatzil Elizalde began her career as a visual artist, focusing mainly on the explorations, murals and digital works. Then she moved towards tattoos. She is well experienced being a tattoo artist for six years and now has her own shop White Light in Hermosillo.

Artists are good at using complex thin lines to draw the same image twice or thrice, slightly offset from each other. This technology produces a “dual vision” effect, which means that the viewer must squint to clearly see the image portrayed. Elizalde simply name this effect as ‘Blurry effect’.

Elizalde ameliorated the process of sketching the design of her hand with a sketch. Everyone will see this as an impracticable task as most of the people may have headaches just by looking at the picture and do not have to concentrate on drawing.

Any way Elizalde said that she no longer felt dizzy when she presented her work, but was just looking forward to the idea of ​​letting others feel this way.

Elizalde believes that her work has successfully “achieved the visual effect of visual illusion”.

Elizadle will decide the cost of the tattoo on the basis of its size, design and location. Her hourly salary is basically between $ 250 and $ 350 (£ 205 to £ 290).

Although the most of the tattoos are unique, she doesn’t limit to her signature fuzzy tattoos.

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