The Discovery Of Lost Golden Egyptian City 3000 years old

Archeologists have found the largest ancient Egyotian city. This was buried under the sand in mellennia. This was regarded as one of the major findings after the excavating of Tutankhamun’s tomb.

According to the world famous Egyptologist Zahi Hawass, the “lost gold city” was found near the site in Luxor. It is the home Valley of the Kings.

The archeologist team mentioned that Dr. Zahi Hawass is behind this successful finding. In addition to that they have mentioned that the city of 3000 years old. The beginning of the city runs back to the reign of Amenhotep III and this city was used by Tutunkhamun and Ay.

The discovery of the largest city is known as Aten and it is ever uncovered in Egypt. As early it was in a turkish lake

According Besty Bryan, who is a Professor of Egypyian art and archeology at John Hopkins University, this finding is regarded as the second most archeological discovery after the discovery of Tutankhamun tomb.

The Discovery Of Lost Golden Egyptian City 3000 years old
Photograph: Zahi Hawass Center for Egyptolog/Reuters

The team was lucky enough to discover lot of ancestral findings. They have found jewelry such rings, colored pottery vessels, scarab beetle amulets and mud bricks which have the seal of Amenhotep III.

Hawass mentioned that many foreign missions were searching for this Egyptian city and they were unable to find it.

The team has started the excavations during the month of September in 2020. They have done the excavations between the temples of Ramses III and Amenhotep III near Luxor, 500km from south capital Cairo.

After  few works of excavations mud bricks started to appear from all directions. The team has unearthed a well preserved site with a big city which was in good condition. They were lucky enough to witness complete walls and rooms fill with tools of daily life.

After seven months of the excavations, they have found a neighborhood. There they have found a bakery with ovens and storage potteries. In addition to that they have discovered administrative and residential districts.

The Discovery Of Lost Golden Egyptian City 3000 years old
Photograph: Zahi Hawass Center for Egyptolog/Reuters

Amenhotep III is an empire and he ruled a region from Euphrates to Sudan. He died around 1354 BC. He ruled the city for 40 years.  His reign period is well known for the grandeur and for its monuments. He has made two massive stone statues near Luxor. These two statues represent himself and his wife.

According to the team’s statement the archeological layers have been untouched for thousand years and these findings are preserved well as it were yesterday.

Bryan mentioned that this city is perfect example to find out about the life style of the ancient Egyptians when the empire was at his wealthiest.

The team revealed that the way to reach for a group of tombs are similar to the construction found at Valley of Kings. Both have the stairs carved into the rocks.  They have found untouched tombs with treasures. After collapsing the tourism industry in Egypt, they are planning to attract tourists into the country to witness these ancient findings. Recently Egypt transported mummified of 18 ancient kings and four queens from Egyptian Museum to the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilization across Cairo. This parade is known as “Pharaohs’ Golden Parade”.

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