The loneliness of Zoo Animals Without visitors

Videos of animals moving freely around in zoos became popular until recently. Anyway, it seems that without our smiling faces and passionate faces, they become a bit isolated.

As the pandemic lead to close all the parks. The animals in the zoo are not come out to contact with thousands of tourists every day, but now they began absolutely to search for humans as Lions in Kruger National Park in Africa

The loneliness of Zoo Animals Without Daily visitors
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Dublin Zoo in Ireland annually attempts to attract around 1.2 million visitors. Leo Oosterweghel, the head of the Dublin Zoo, said the animals were “more surprised” to see him now. He said the animals would raise their heads and began to search very closely, as they required to know what happened to the daily visitors of them.

Paul Rose was a lecturer in animal behaviour at the University of Exeter. He declared to BBC News that the โ€œwealthyโ€ visitors and their activities on which the animals in the zoo depend are beneficial to the welfare of the them. After this situation disappears, the animals lack “abundance”.

This is why many are appearing at Orana Wildlife Park in New Zealand, even though no one can see them. The Phoenix Zoo also suffers from the same issues and breeders spend more time on animals.

As per these circumstances in Tokyo Sumida Aquarium has become so bad that its staff asked the public to interact with garden eels through video calls.

The loneliness of Zoo Animals Without Daily visitors
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