The oldest Gaming YouTuber of 90 years old is from Japan
Guinness World Records

Hamako Mori was born on 18th of February 1930.She was engaging in gaming for 39 years. After seeing the happiness and the success of her children, she wanted to do something to inspire a hobby and make her a world record holder.

Gaming Grandma is Mori’s YouTube channel and for the moment it has more than 150,000 subscribers. The viewers attempt to search for the games that Mori plays daily. She is that much of a popular gamer among the game adductors and lovers.

Earlier this month, she was officially recognized and gave an appreciation as the oldest game YouTuber on the planet by the Guinness Book of Records. She explored that she feels playing games is the right choice more than ever. And further she moved on saying that she has absolutely enjoyed her life and still enjoying with playing games. It’s her happiness.

Mori further explained her addiction and passion for video games and dropped these words,

“It looked so much fun, and I thought it’s not fair if only children played it. I thought life would be more fun if I knew how to play it. So I started playing, at first while no one was watching. I treasure them because it brings me memories”

Mori attempts to play about three to four video games per month in order to gain the attraction of millions of views. She always wants to share her gaming experience for these 39 years with the other game lovers. As per her illustration, it’s a waste if she only enjoying in playing games without sharing her experience.

Further Mori explored that,

“I receive a lot of comments saying don’t work too hard. Everyone is so kind. Their comment leave a strong impression on me, and makes me want to make more videos that people enjoy. I still look forward to everyone’s comments.They also say watching my video gives them hope for the future. I feel so happy. That’s why I want to create lots and lots of videos. That’s my dream”.

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