The Story Of World's Oldest Person, Jeanne Calment
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A centenarian is someone who has lived for 100 years or more. One of those people was Jeanne Calment. Many critics don’t believe it’s even possible to live to be this old. Some even proposed that Calment died and her daughter continued to imitate her for the remainder of her life. Whether or if this is genuine, Jeanne Calment’s story is well worth reading.

Jeanne Calment was born in 1875 in Arles, France. A woman’s life expectancy was 45 years at the time. Calment, on the other hand, managed to live nearly three times as long, yet her life was far from dull.

The Story Of World's Oldest Person, Jeanne Calment

Calment even claimed that she met Vincent van Gogh when she was 13 years old while working in a paint shop with her future husband. He didn’t make a favorable impression on her, oddly enough. Calment claimed he was unattractive, smelled bad, and was unpleasant.

Calment had a daughter, Yvonne, in 1898. She died in 1934, leaving a husband and a seven-year-old boy, whom Calment and her husband, Fernand, reared as their own. Calment lost another loved one in 1942, this time her husband. Her lengthy life is a misfortune because she outlived many of her family. She lost both her grandchild and her son-in-law in 1963.

The Story Of World's Oldest Person, Jeanne Calment
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She become the world’s oldest person in 1988, when she was 112 years old. This title was then awarded to another woman, but it was returned to Calment in 1991 after she died. She was 116 years old at the time, and she lived to reach 122.

It’s understandable that some people believed that living to such a ripe old age was impossible. Calment was proved to be the person she claimed to be by a team of researchers. A demographer named her as “difficult cookie”. Even at her advanced age, she would get up at 6:45 a.m. and perform calisthenics.

In 2018, however, there was a new wave of skepticism about Calment. A Russian geriatrician named Valery Novoselov declared that he wanted to establish that Calment was a fraud and that she didn’t live to be 122 years old. He discussed his concerns with Nikolay Zak, a mathematician who agreed with him.

According to his calculations, someone living 122 years was extremely implausible. Other researchers’ mathematical models, on the other hand, demonstrated that living to such a ripe old age was not impossible. Furthermore, there were well-documented incidents of persons who lived nearly as long.

There were certain bits of evidence that appeared to back up Novoselov and Zak’s claims. They interpreted them in their favor, at the very least. So, they came to the conclusion that the individual claiming to be Jeanne Calment was actually her daughter, Yvonne, after more inquiry.

The Story Of World's Oldest Person, Jeanne Calment
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They said that Jeanne Calment, as they suspected, died in 1934, and her family claimed Yvonne to avoid inheritance taxes. One researcher, however, refuted this notion, claiming that inheritance taxes burdened the family, therefore there was no need for them to conduct fraud.

Other skeptics and theories were also present. There were, however, enough witnesses and records to prove that Jeanne Calment was Jeanne Calment and not someone else, and that she lived for 122 years.

Someone who lived as long as Jeanne has to watch the deaths of loved ones. It was a very frustrating story and a feeling.

When she reached 100, she went door to door in Arles, thanking everyone who had wished her a good birthday. She didn’t lose her spirit as she grew older, either. “I see horribly, I hear badly, I can’t feel anything, yet everything is fine,” she told reporters at the age of 120. “I waited 110 years to become famous,” she concluded. So, I intend to have a good time.”

The Story Of World's Oldest Person, Jeanne Calment
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No one knows how she managed to live so long. Her own theory was that it was due to laughter and olive oil. Others speculated that it was due to her high-sugar diet, which included 2 pounds of chocolate each week and dessert with every meal. One medical researcher speculated that it was because she was “stress immune.”

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