The Top Five Characters In The GTA Series

The GTA game series is one of the famous franchises in the world due to its character. Unless speciality of these character, it would be difficult to achieve this success. These characters are dark and whimsical. These are the two main reasons for its fan base. It is memorable and engrossing that these characters are emotional and they have an ability to create a bond with the players.

The characters in Grand Theft Auto are unlikeable. They are dark and acquisitive. These features keep the players in an amazement. As a result, players do not get bored and they start to like the game.

#5 Trevor

is the most violent and sadistic character in the GTA series. The reason for his actions is explained in his background story. Though it is an official event or a party, few necks will break if Trevor is around the area. The Grand Theft Auto will get bored without this chaos.

#4 Franklin

Franklin can be relatable to every fan to a certain extent. The speciality of this character is that he comes from an average background. He is neither a mastermind criminal nor a murderer before he gets know Micheal de Santa. This action gives a total impact for his life. Franklin would not have been the world’s most infamous criminal if it weren’t for Michael, who treated him like the son he never had. It is fact that most of the dark characters in the GTA series are mean to be dark but Franklin is a kind of an exception because the circumstances around his life let him for this situation.

#3 Michael de Santa

Michael de Santa can be considered the most sensitive character in the GTA series. Though he is a murderer he does not want to hurt someone unless it is a reasonable fact. His irreversible love for The Forbidden, on the other hand, makes him sad all of the time and will finally pull him back to the only world he’s ever known – The Underworld.

#2 Carl Johnson

The Top Five Characters In The GTA Series
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Carl Johnson is regarded as the kind soul in series. He has to ended up in this situation because he does not have a place to go. But a hidden dark side woven around this character. This brings anxious and curiosity towards this character. When the player imagined that they have found the details regarding the character, he walks towards the enemies and starts to break the hell.

#1 Big Smoke

Big Smoke is the biggest jerk in the GTA series. Smoke stabbed back from his closet set of people around him. He doesn’t feel sorry about his actions and he doesn’t accept his flaws. But without him, GTA San Andreas would have a hard time. As his betrayal cause to create more graphics and tech-related stuff. Big Smoke provided the game with the depth it lacked, making it instantly memorable for fans. Although some players despise him for being a misfit, the majority of them adore him because every story needs a villain.

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