Things you must remove straightaway from your facebook

Facebook is the most commonly used social media. Over 230 million networked users are there on Facebook. Posting your life stuff is a common thing in social media. Posting so many things about personal life in social media may cause privacy risks. The following list is a set of things to delete from your Facebook immediately. It may protect your privacy on social media.

Pictures of Children

Remove pictures of your child on social media. On the internet, there are millions of users and your child is at a risk with images because it might go to a hand of a predator. Also do not put pictures of your child’s school, pre-school and other education or sporting centres.

Problematic Pictures of you

Social media is a place to connect with your friends, some employers conclude yourself from the posts and the pictures you shared in social media. So do not put any pictures of post which can harm your personal life.

Limit the friends list

Remove the unknown from your friend’s list. You are always at risk when an unknown person in close contact with you. Also, remove tagged photos and posts that you are tagged in.

Your Birthday, Location and Contact Details

Remove your birthday details as no one need yours than you. Also, remove working place other locations you always visit and the contact details.

Your vacation plans

Do not share your live locations and where you are planning to go out in future. If so everybody knows that you are there in that time. So you might be at a risk. Your unknown enemy will miss use these information.

So be safe of using social media in your life as you are exposed too much to the world when you are using it.

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