Healthcare workers in Florida with PoliceHealthcare workers in Florida with PoliceHealthcare workers iHealthcare workers in Florida with Policen Florida with Police

Fort Myers Police Department arranged a special tribute to healthcare workers. They are still in the trenches battling the coronavirus, By parking their cruisers in the shape of a heart in front of the Lee Memorial hospital last Thursday.

Discussing our tribute to Lee Health on Fox & Friends this morning. We are grateful for the happiness this has delivered to our healthcare heroes.

Publiée par Fort Myers Police Department sur Samedi 25 avril 2020

The officers stood in the middle and parked 14 cruisers. In the middle they were holding up the letters to show FMPD THANKS YOU. The healthcare workers surpriced. they came out and expressed their thanks, and some even pulled out their phones and shined lights back at the police from inside!

Healthcare workers in Florida with Police
from Facebook / Fort Myers Police Dept.

“We appreciate each of the hard-working medical professionals and wanted to simply say ‘Thank You.’”

“It was a pretty amazing and personal turnout. And we couldn’t be more proud to work side by side with you Lee Health.”

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