newsline-trump signed the contract

The Trump Administration is spending over $ 456 billion order with Johnson and Johnson’s Pharmaceuticals Janssen, which specified a new vaccine asset for 2019 Novel Corona Virus.

The part of the deal is to invest $ 1 billion into vaccine research, development and clinical testing and they are planning to go with vaccine candidate by September 2020. The first batches of vaccine candidate for emergency cases will be available to use in early 2021.

Johnson and Johnson had announced an alliance with Beth, Israel Deaconess Medical Center in order to prevent COVID-19 virus and the company is looking forward to use the same technology which is used for Ebola, Zika and HIV vaccine candidates. The vaccine candidate for COVID-19 will be introduced for clinical trials by the end of the month.  

BARDA announced that they are working with another pharma company named Sanofi Pasteur  to create another vaccine which has the exact genetic match to the proteins of the virus.

Despite those contracts neither Johnson nor Sanofi had tested any potential vaccine. But the first phase of clinical trial Evaluating An Investigational vaccine has been completed by Washington Health Research Institute in Seattle, Washington and it was developed by the scientists at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases with Massachusetts- based biotech company Moderna. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson who is affected by Covid 19 virus is announced a record of £ 210 million with Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, which is supporting the development of the vaccine to globally available. Also, UK university of Oxford had started seeking volunteers for an upcoming vaccine trial.

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