Vietnam female student creates art from the confusion of corona virus

Nguyen Doi Chung Anh was trapped in his home and the school was suspended. He used art to show the tragedy, resilience and confusion in the battle against the world of corona viruses. Thus making full use of the Vietnam lockdown.

Chung Anh is a 10 years old girl. She shows how the incident unfolded globally and depicts the destruction of the spread of corona viruses.

Her photos also aimed to highlight the process of Vietnam’s successful containment of the virus after suffering a wave of imported infections. One example, two soldiers holding a passenger jet hit by the virus in their arms while the other showed spraying by a fighter. Disinfectant medical staff intercepted the same flight.

They refer to the VN54 flight that has been declared fate. After Vietnam announced that it has remained virus-free for three consecutive weeks, the flight has introduced a new group of infected people. The country has reported 332 cases without death.

Chung Anh expressed his appreciation for the frontline personnel in a photo about her safety. The frontline personnel appeared in most of her 11 drawings. These used shields to fight viruses or disinfection. The agent exploded.

She said:  “I hope they can keep their spirits up and prevent outbreaks, so as to draw.” “This girl is me, I draw here, and these are my imagination.

Some of the photos contain the “Diamond Princess”, a cruise ship with hundreds of passengers on board. Li Wenliang, the late Chinese doctor, is also one of the most striking figures in the epidemic. When he issuing early warning about the virus they neglected it.

Chung Anh’s mother Doi Xuan Hieu chose this as her favorite.

She said: “I am very moved to see her sympathize and admit the sacrifices of doctors who risked their lives and lost their lives.”

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