Weddy, A Cute Cat Begs In a Cute Way To Melt Our Hearts

Wadsworth, or just Waddy, is a lovely black cat that lives with his people Natasha and Andrew Klosterman and five other cats in Cincinnati, Ohio. He, like many other cats, would have stayed unknown to a large audience if he didn’t have a superpower – Waddy begs like it’s his job. It’s adorable how he presses his paws together and waves them until he gets what he wants.

Waddy and his sister Cutler, as well as Jax, Mystery, Pepper, and Spooky, are among Natasha and Andrew’s six cats.

Weddy, A Cute Cat Begs In a Cute Way To Melt Our Hearts

Waddy is already three years old, and he stands out among the cute felines thanks to his one-of-a-kind talent: he is a begging master.

It presses his paws together and starts waving them whenever he needs something from his humans or feline friends. Waddy is a demanding cat, according to Natasha, and you won’t have to wait long to enjoy these small performances.


It began waving his paws at the age of a few months. He was waving to nothing at first, but his odd talent grew over time into what it is now. The cat wasn’t taught to do that, although his humans occasionally encouraged him by patting him afterward.

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