Wuhan is slowly getting back to work

Wuhan the chines city where the pandemic started is now functioning again. The shops and markets in Wuhan are reopening. Some citizens are returning to work. People are allowed back into the city to reunite with family. Volunteers are disinfecting public areas in preparation for increased activity.

And the ban on travel outside of Wuhan is set to be lifted. The authorities say It has no new coronavirus infections. The residents have been warned to stay vigilant and avoid going out. This will prevent a second wave of the pandemic COVID-19.

Now in China is reporting zero cases in coronavirus. The businesses and other government bodies start their day-to-day works. People reclaiming fairly a normal life after a two months distancing period. Thousands of travellers crowded to leave from the cities. In travelling, you are allowed to travel if and only if you were quarantined a minimum of 14 days in an isolated place

Now the trend is the rate of transmitting the virus within communities getting lower in China. Most of the cases are from abroad. The count of abroad cases is 79 as at 10th March. The Hubei government announced that the controls on transportation should remain the same. simultaneously, schools including primary schools, secondary schools and other schools should strictly closed until further notice. Hubei’s City Qianjiang the authority says they will keep transport ban in the same level

Officials say the risk of the virus resurging is high as movement into and around the city starts up again. What is your country to halt the spread of COVID-19?

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